ActionScript 3.0 Space Shooter

In this tutorial series we will build a side-scrolling space shooter game using Adobe Animate, the rebrand of Adobe Flash Professional. Adobe Animate offers an accessible starting point for anyone wanting to create some basic animations or 2D games. The tutorial here also uses ActionScript 3.0 which can be considered a 'legacy' technology along with Flash.

I may revisit these tutorials to convert them to HTML5 Canvas games with JavaScript, or to create them in Flash Builder utilising an object oriented approach. In their current format they rely heavily on global variables, where passing parameters would be better practice. Whilst I hope to offer improved variants on this tutorial in the future, you may wish take on the challenge yourself!

Inspiration & Adaptation

The tutorial is inspired by a similar one created in ActionScript 2 and which seems to have been replicated here:


The image for the spaceship was created in Flash/Animate but took inspiration from an Adobe Illustrator tutorial found here: Note, its not a fish - though a Fish Shooter might have been fun!


Mobile Compatibility

These games create '.swf' format (often pronounced 'swiff', but also known as either 'small web format' or 'ShockWave Flash') and it is these that require Flash Player or a Flash Player plugin if embedded into a web page. It is this format that causes compatibility issues on some systems, especially on mobile and with Apple iPhones in particular. That said, we can also export as Adobe Air packages for either Windows (Desktop), Android, and iOS. This means we can use Adobe Animate (or Flash Professional) and create an app for an Apple iPhone, despite the misconception by some that they are incompatible.