Databases in Visual Studio

So you have a requirement to build a website, perhaps for a college project where you must be able to demonstrate how to create a variety of components yourself, from scratch. There are a number of options open to you and you cannot always mix and match with resources online because it really depends on your approach.

If you are building from scratch (or near enough) then you will likely need a database to store records of information. This series of tutorials will look at how to create a SQL Server database, the Microsoft databases used in industry, using Visual Studio rather than the more powerful SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS).

Other common database technologies include Oracle and open source SQL. Strictly speaking SQL is a language used for open source databases often using MySQL to manage. SQL is in the top 10 of languages, and in some 2017 lists its ranked top (above JavaScript, Java and C#).  Source 1, Source 2.


Microsoft Access is another alternative for Windows applications, but not something we cover.


SQL Server uses a variation of the language called 'Transact SQL' or 'T-SQL' that for the main part is very similar to the open source version.